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The Business Distiller Framework helps you to solve your most complex business problems.

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This checklist will enable you to take your first steps towards Distilling your own game changing business insights!

The Business Distiller Framework™ is designed to provide straightforward steps for you to understand and practice the art of finding and distilling your insights for your business.
The art of Business Distilling requires a blend of learning and practice.  

This checklist sets out the Business Distilling Framework™ and provides further information to deepen your understanding.
You can then start your Business Distilling journey yourself.
Who is it for?

This checklist is for entrepreneurs, business owners, C-suite and executives just like you, running businesses large and small, who are facing the rapidly increasing rate of complexity in the business world.

Simply put, if you and your business would benefit from finding and implementing game changing insights, then this checklist is for you.

How to get started?

Firstly, understanding the Business Distiller Framework™ will give you sound basis in this successful approach and a checklist is provided for you to take practical steps towards getting started.

The Business Distiller Framework™

Throughout my career I have been striving, studying models, strategies and methods; looking out there for ideas and solutions to business challenges.  Yet I found the most powerful game changing insights to be those that I found from within me in a very straightforward way. 
But how did this happen?  Why did it not happen to order?  
So, I developed The Business Distiller Framework™ enabling a repeatable approach to access game changing insights.  
The Business Distiller Framework™ comprises four steps: Grounding, Sensing, Distilling, Activating.    


Chris Loughran, Vice 

Chairman, Deloitte LLP
"Rex has always been someone who focuses on what he can help others achieve. He is someone who recognises the power of silence in a conversation; in my experience, the best coaches do this. Anyone who is considering using Rex as a coach will benefit from spending time with him." 

Renee Hunt

Director Sky Digital Platforms
“He has great insight and a lovely style of working with people” 

Djuke Veldhuis

Marie Curie Research Fellow
"Rex listens and empowers. His coaching is improvement through doing and a focus on actions and ultimately results. I can strongly recommend Rex as a coach regardless of your sector or level!" 

Richard Barton

Partner Atos Consulting
"Rex coached several very experienced project managers working on multi-million $ projects around the globe and not only obtained outstanding feedback but helped them improve delivery and achieved $ millions of savings"  

Matthew Tosh

"He nurtures and never tells. A relaxed but thorough approach. I am most definitely more informed and strategic. Thanks Rex! Highly recommended." 

Mr Chris Harris  

Headteacher -Larkmead School
I am at head teacher of a mixed secondary school and have been so for 13 years. It is an essential and central part of my role to coach and manage other staff and particularly senior leaders. 
My work with Rex has enabled me to reflect more creatively on finding the place for each individual where they can access their vast abilities.  This is a matter of moving beyond the narrow bubble of our lives where there is pressure and deadlines and apparent obstacles and limitations. My work with Rex has shown that amidst the apparent chaos is the ability to work with staff to access a creative space where the obstacles are relegated to the context only and the subject can think deeply and creatively and find complex and exciting solutions. 
I am very grateful for the work we have done together. 

Mike Clayton

Director, Speaker, Author
“His ability to get right to the nub of what matters and shift your perception is a rare gift” 


We live under a deluge of information, focus, activity, hard thinking, taking the next step.    

In this maelstrom it is essential to be grounded and present.    

Grounding engages with our natural energy and is a place of presence and connection. 


There is so much going on in everyone’s lives.  So many things we are striving for, to achieve, to deliver.  
Sensing allows you to change your awareness, to connect and get into flow and to find the game changing insights that will make a difference to your business. 


Distilling makes the complex simple.  The simple is easily understood.  
Which enables game changing action.   


By taking action we find out what change is created, learning more about our insight, what works.  
By never being afraid of our experience we stay connected and in flow.  
Constantly activating, learning and refining – spiralling ever upwards.

Rex Mackrill –The Business Distiller

Rex helps you to solve your most complex business problems. 

As the Creator of the Business Distiller Framework ™ he has used this framework to turn around £100 million businesses, written master technical specifications for military aircraft, won medals for papers he has written, merged £ multi-million businesses, put in place transformation programmes for Countries, consulted across the Globe with Deloitte; and supported Executives of Global companies and individual entrepreneurs to find and distil their Insights for their Businesses.  
Rex helps you to become an expert at Finding and Distilling Insights for you and your Business. 
Rex was a strategy and operations consultant for Deloitte, led the global roll out of programme and project management across Deloitte, trained as a coach with Sir John Whitmore and mentored business leaders at the University of Oxford Saϊd Business School. 

Refurbished a World War II Spitfire to full flight standard.  She is flying today with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. A new engine, a modern electrical and radio system, and the original parts were all successfully integrated. The chief fighter pilot for the Memorial flight described him as “the man largely responsible for returning her to the skies.” 
Rex distilled the multinational operational requirements for Eurofighter Typhoon.  He took a 500-page document, supported by 100 general specifications and authored a simple 30-page ground equipment Master Specification, supported by 3 specifications; enabling her to operate across the globe.  
Rex has set up woodworking, concrete housing and mining equipment businesses and delivered other services in the republics of the former Soviet Union – Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan just after the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. Rex learnt the dynamics of small businesses in healthcare, science communication and running his own small business, successfully finding the insights needed and making the pragmatic and challenging decisions required to grow businesses. Rex is a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, a Master’s in Business Administration and a Royal Aeronautical Society Medal winner. 
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